Shipping Info
Purchases made on the website may be either collected by customers or sent out using one of the following services provided.

Collecting Goods
For customers living within a short radius of the main site in Precenicco (UD) or Monfalcone (GO) subsidiary may collect the goods they have purchased on the website directly from our depots.

The customer or person on their behalf may collect goods after showing a copy of the order. Customers should advise the Company in advance by e-mail to or by phone if a third party is collecting on his behalf.

Materials present in the Precenicco depot may be collected immediately; customers collecting from Monfalcone may do so within 24-48 hours following the order.

Collection times from the main site in Precenicco:
Tuesday to Friday 8:30 to 12:00 am and 2:00 to 6:00 pm or Saturdays 08:30 to 12:00 am.

Collection times from the subsidiary in Monfalcone:
Tuesday to Friday 8:30 to 12:30 am and 3:30 to 7:30 pm or Saturdays 08:30 to 12:00 am.

Delivery service using our own vehicles
Customers living in Friuli, Eastern Veneto, Slovenia and Croatia (Zagreb, Istria and Kvarner Gulf areas) may request when making their order that the goods be delivered using our company vehicles.

A quotation will be made for the cost of transport, which varies according to the distance and type of vehicle required, and sent to the customer by e-mail before the order is processed.

Once customers receive this e-mail they should reply to to confirm acceptance of the shipping costs.

Shipment by Express Carrier in Italy
In Italy Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. uses GLS and BRT express carriers to deliver goods purchased.

The goods are shipped all over Italy including the main islands (Sardinia, and Sicily), Calabria and smaller islands (Venice, Capri, Ischia, Elba, Ponza, Tremiti, La Maddalena, Eolie, Egadi, etc. and the municipality of Livigno) for which there is an additional transport charge. Exceptions are the islands that do not have their own postal code, such as Gorgona, Palmaria, Tavolara and Molara, because they come under the following municipalities: Livorno, La Spezia and Olbia-Tempio respectively. Shipment will only be made as far as these municipalities.

For weights/volumes of up to 250 kg, shipping costs are automatically calculated after registering (free of charge), while ordering.

For shipments of weights/volumes over 250 kg, shipping costs will be quoted on an individual basis in order to keep costs to a reasonable level. The quotation will be sent to customers by e-mail.

Once they receive this e-mail, customers should reply to to confirm acceptance of the shipping costs.

+ Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. shall make the final choice of carrier depending on the goods to be shipped, to speed up deliveries, or whether they are on wooden pallets.

All express carriers generally offer additional services such as:
• Delivery before noon;
• Delivery at a specific time;
• Delivery on Saturday morning or afternoon;
• Porterage, delivery to a specified floor;
• Delivery in old town centres;
• Delivery in restricted traffic zones.

The above additional services must be specifically requested in advance by e-mail to
The cost of these additional services will be calculated after the order has been made and a quotation for these will be sent to the customer by e-mail to the address provided.

Once customers receive this e-mail they should reply to to confirm acceptance of the quoted costs.

All customers making orders on the website will be sent a code by e-mail once the goods have been sent out so they can monitor the progress of the shipment (tracking) directly on the carrier’s website.

Shipment by Express Carrier in Europe
Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. also ships to EU countries using GLS and BRT express carrier services to deliver their products.

When calculating the cost of shipping outside of Italy, the destination of the goods and their weight/volume are taken into consideration. The costs of shipping and any additional services, calculated after the order has been made, will be sent to the customer by e-mail to the address provided.
Once customers receive this e-mail they should reply to to confirm acceptance of the costs of shipping and any other additional services.

If we do not receive a reply within 5 working days, the order shall be deemed automatically terminated and cancelled.

Important Recommendations
• If delivery is made using Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. company vehicles, remove the packing materials with the aid of the driver and check that the contents are undamaged. If the goods being delivered result as being damaged, leave them on the vehicle and send them back.

• If delivery is made by express carrier, notify the driver IMMEDIATELY at the time of delivery of any tears or damage to the packaging or damage caused during transit.
Always inspect the goods before they are unloaded, check the number of packages and that the packing material is not torn, damaged or wet.
If goods are on pallets, check the individual packages to make sure they are in perfect condition.
If the packaging is in any way damaged, write the wording "PACKAGING DAMAGED PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE" on the shipping note before signing and accepting delivery.
After delivery, open the boxes immediately to check that the items inside are in perfect condition. If there are any problems or damage inform Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. immediately by e-mail at providing a description of the damage and photos clearly showing the state of the packaging, parcel (box) and damaged goods.

• Remember that shipping costs must not be paid to the carrier as they are already included on the purchase order unless you have chosen to pay cash on delivery; however shipping costs must in all cases be paid to Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. staff delivering with company vehicles.

• If you unable to be at home to receive the goods at the time they are delivered by express carrier, you can ask for them to be held for pick-up at the nearest local branch, where you can collect the goods at your convenience within 5 working days.

• If goods are collected from the headquarters or subsidiary, please check that they are undamaged before loading. Once goods have been loaded customers are liable for any damage during transit, except of course for faults and/or non-compliances due to manufacture.

• We recommend you check beforehand whether any special equipment, such as hydraulic lift gates, cranes for unloading onto land or water, etc are required for delivery.
The cost of hiring special equipment and any porterage services are not included in the shipping costs.
Alternatively the goods will remain in storage in the express carrier service’s local depot awaiting collection by the customer.