• Useful to know


      CERAMICHE FLORIMAR S.R.L. has been selling ceramics, plumbing and heating systems, wood flooring, fireplaces, bathroom suites and accessories, and LED lighting products since in 1965. Our two retail stores in Precenicco (UD) and Monfalcone (GO), 1,500 sq.m. and 1,000 sq.m. in size respectively are open to the public during normal shopping hours from Monday to Saturday. We also have an extremely well stocked 2,000 sq.m. warehouse.

    • Is it possible to view the products in your stores?

      Yes, you can see, touch and evaluate all our products before purchasing. Just visit one of our stores where our well-trained, competent staff will be happy to help and advise you.

    • Is there a minimum I have to spend?

      No, there are no restrictions on quantities or the amount you spend.

    • What do I need to do to purchase from the www.florimar.it website?

      To purchase from the www.florimar.it website, you only need to register, add the product to the trolley and follow the instructions given.

    • Where can I get more information about a product?

      To ask for information or purchase a product in the “brands sold” section, just send an e-mail to sede@florimar.it or filiale@florimar.it and you will receive a reply.

    • Is it possible to order by phone?

      No, orders cannot be made by phone. Goods must be ordered either through one of our stores or from the “shop” section on the www.florimar.it website

    • Are all the goods new and premium quality?

      Yes, all the goods available for purchase and stored in our depot come from manufacturers’ warehouses and are premium quality. If we were to offer any batches of goods of inferior quality, these would be clearly and unmistakably stated as such.

    • Do the prices given include VAT?

      Yes, all the prices displayed include VAT.

    • Are shipping and transport costs included in the price?

      No, transport costs are never included in the price. They are calculated at the time the goods are added to the trolley and therefore registered; for certain types of goods, the transport costs are stated in the order proposal sent to the customer’s e-mail address, which needs to be confirmed.

    • Are discounts given on goods genuine?

      Yes, the discounts that Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. apply to the goods on offer are made on the retail price lists published by the manufacturing companies. If any of the products offered are no longer present on the market, the price indicated will be the latest discounted price.

    • How are the goods packed?

      The goods are packed by Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. using the packing method considered the most suitable and safest for the specific type of product being shipped.

    • What do I do if I forget my password?

      You can follow the step-by-step instructions to retrieve your password or send an e-mail to sede@florimar.it asking for a new one to be sent.

    • Are assembly accessories included in the price?

      No, unless specifically indicated in the description, the items presented DO NOT include any assembly kits or accessories shown in the photographs (e.g.: taps, towels etc.).

    • Do Company staff install the products purchased?

      Although our own staff do not install the materials we sell, we are able to recommend the most suitable teams of craftsmen within a radius of 100 km from our stores for the laying and installation of our products.

  • Shipping and Returns

    • Who makes the deliveries?

      Depending on the location, we deliver using either our own vehicles or by express carrier service.

    • Which express carriers do you ship with?

      Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. uses GLS and BRT Corriere Espresso (Bartolini) for shipping its products, who guarantee speedy delivery once the goods have been collected.

    • Can I give a time when I shall be at home to receive the goods?

      Yes, Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. can provide the carrier a time range during which to deliver. Delivery during this time range cannot however be guaranteed. To be certain that the goods are delivered within a certain time range, this must be stated on the order. A surcharge will be calculated as a percentage of the total cost and sent to the customer on the order proposal by e-mail. The customer should return this to sede@florimar.it as confirmation of acceptance.

    • Can I find out the shipping costs to Europe before confirming the purchase?

      Yes, the order proposal sent to the customer by e-mail after the purchase is made states clearly and unmistakably the costs involved and delivery times for each European country.

    • May I give a different address for the goods to be delivered to the billing address?

      Yes, you can enter a delivery address that is different from the billing address in the shop section during the ordering procedure.

    • What happens if there is nobody at home when the carrier arrives?

      The carrier will leave a message and try to deliver a second time. If there is no one at home at the second attempt, the express carrier will inform us that the goods are kept on hold in the local depot. We shall then contact the customer to arrange for the goods to be collected from the carrier’s depot.

    • Can goods be delivered on Saturdays?

      No, all the carriers work Monday to Friday. On Saturday customers can collect the goods from the carrier’s depot if necessary, after informing Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l.

    • Can the packaging be opened before collection?

      No, carriers do not allow parcels to be opened before collection. This is why from an insurance perspective it is essential to check the parcel at the time it arrives. If you notice any abnormalities in the packaging, sign the delivery note “GOODS RECEIVED – UNCHECKED”.

    • What do I have to do if the goods arrive damaged

      If the goods arrive damaged, you should send an e-mail to sede@florimar.it immediately with a description of the damage and photos showing the state of the packing, the packaging and the damaged goods. Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. will set the procedure in motion for them to be replaced.

    • È possibile aprire l’imballo prima del ritiro?

      No, i corrieri non consentono questa pratica. Pertanto è obbligatorio ai fini assicurativi controllare il pacco al momento dell’arrivo. Nel caso si riscontrassero anomalie è d’obbligo firmare con “RISERVA DI CONTROLLO”.

    • What do I have to do if the wrong goods arrive?

      If the mistake was caused by Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l. the Company will promptly replace them at no extra cost to the customer.

    • What do I have to do if I order the wrong product or change my mind?

      If the customer realises he has ordered the wrong product or changes his mind, there are two possibilities.
      If this happens within 48 hours of placing the order, the customer may send an e-mail to sede@florimar.it saying “PLEASE CANCEL ORDER NO.________ DATED_______ ORDERED BY ______________”; the order will then be cancelled at no additional cost and a bank transfer will be made to refund the amount already paid.
      After 48 hours, the customer may exercise the right to withdraw from the purchase and will be charged the transport costs for returning the goods as well as any additional costs to cover damage to packaging and/or the goods.

    • How can I find out where goods in transit are?

      When the material is shipped the customer will be provided (via e-mail) with a "Tracking Number" or parcel “ID” which can be used to monitor the progress of the shipment on the website of the carrier who has undertaken the shipment.

    • Can I collect the goods directly from Ceramiche Florimar s.r.l.?

      Yes, you can indeed collect the goods from our main site Precenicco or our Monfalcone subsidiary (choose the option in the trolley section on our website) at no additional cost.

  • Methods of payment

    • Where can I find the bank details and sort code to pay the bank transfer in advance?

      At the end of the ordering process, select “Bank Transfer” and our bank details and sort code will appear.

    • If I send an e-mail with a copy of the bank transfer document will the order be released immediately?

      No, the goods ordered by the customer will be kept on hold until the amount due has been paid into the Ceramiche FLORIMAR s.r.l. current account. At that point, once the amount has been credited, the procedures will be set in motion to send out the goods ordered. Ceramiche FLORIMAR s.r.l. shall deem the order automatically cancelled if the amount due is not paid into the company’s account within 15 calendar days from the date the order was accepted.

    • Apart from my personal data what else should I write on the bank transfer?

      As well as information about the person making and the entity receiving the bank transfer, you need to provide the following information in the payment details or reference box: order reference number and name and surname of person making the order if a different person is making the bank transfer.

    • Can I pay the driver cash on delivery when the goods are delivered?

      Yes, cash on delivery payments are accepted. For more information please consult the “Methods of Payment” section.

    • Can I pay in cash?

      Yes, you can in cash but only before collecting the goods from our main site in Precenicco or our subsidiary in Monfalcone. The maximum amount payable in cash is € 999,99 as laid down by legislation DL 201/2011.

    • Can I pay by credit card ?

      Yes, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard and Pre-paid Credit Cards using the PayPal online payment system (3% surcharge).

    • Can I pay by cash order or using any methods of deferred payment?

      No, no methods of deferred payment are permitted.

  • Product availability

    • Are the products indicated as available already in stock in your warehouse?

      Yes, the quantities given refer to goods in stock in our warehouse. The numbers are updated on a daily basis.

    • If I buy any of your ceramic goods, can I ask for a sample?

      Yes, the customer can ask for a sample to be sent before purchasing. There is a set price of € _______ + VAT for sending out samples, which will be refunded when the product is purchased.

    • How do I know when a product "on its way" will be available

      You can always telephone or e-mail our stores to receive an estimate of times.

    • What does "availability: on demand" mean?

      This means that the goods are not available in our depot but will be ordered from the Manufacturer once a customer has placed an order with us.

    • How long does it take for a product “on demand” to arrive to the customer?

      Times may vary from two weeks to over a month depending on the product and manufacturer. Please contact us for further information.

    • How long does it take for a product available in the warehouse to be delivered to the customer?

      It usually takes from 5 to 10 working days to process an order from the time it arrives depending on the type of goods to be shipped. However we often manage to process orders more quickly.

  • Product Guarantee

    • What guarantee do the products you sell offer?

      All the goods purchased on the www.florimar.it website are covered by the manufacturer’s standard guarantee and are therefore subject to limitations imposed by legislation in force in the manufacturer’s country.

    • What do I need to keep for the guarantee to be valid?

      Our sales invoice, which is always sent out together with the goods.

    • Who do I need to contact for information about the guarantee?

      Our offices will provide all the assistance you need and explain the correct procedure to follow for assistance under guarantee.

    • What do I do if the product does not work?

      Contact our offices to verify the type of problem and set up the procedure for the goods to be repaired at the manufacturer’s service centre, if this service is provided or for the product to be replaced.

  • Security

    • How are Credit Card payments processed?

      Credit card details do not pass through our server. The transaction takes place on the PayPal server. If you would like more information on the PayPal methods and conditions of payment, please consult the www.paypal.it website.

  • Invoice

    • What do I have to do if the invoice is missing from the parcel?

      The invoice is always provided in the transparent adhesive envelope attached to the outside of the package. If the envelope or invoice is missing, the Customer may contact our offices by phone or e-mail and we will promptly send a copy in PDF format.

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